Real estate is a serious investment that you’ll make in your lifetime. Are you looking to invest in real estate in Canada? Or probably, you are an agent looking to expand your career by making the correct strategies?

Real Estate Mentor is going to be conducting speaking engagements in different places across Canada in order to help investors improve their understanding of the entire real estate market. You will learn more on how to avoid the most common blunders, and even determine opportunities despite the different problematic scenarios along the way.

Real Estate Mentor is going to have speaking engagements in areas of Nanaimo, Vancouver, Whistler, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

What to expect from the speaking engagement?

The speakers are going to discuss pertinent issues that may affect the real estate agents and investors. Expect insights about projections, and in-depth discussions on hot topics to be discussed. Speakers will be from different parts of Canada, who are considered experts in their niche both in residential and in commercial real estate business.

Some of our speakers include:

as Nanaimo’s most recognized realtor, Nanaimo has focused on selling out development projects across the North Island.

Lyle Levitt: Vancouver’s most recognized name in the condo pre-sale market.

Don Halbert: World expert on search optimization for realtors and agencies alike.

Tom Zilloq and Tammy K were recently added for their insights on development and commercial real estate in the South Florida real estate market.

Why should I join?

The speaking engagements were designed not only for those agents and groups making a living out of real estate. It was also designed for people who invest in them.

A lot of people today realize that it is possible to make a mistake when dealing with real estate. There is a chance that you are investing on the wrong property. And if you are someone who doesn’t want to ruin your future financially, this is the right event for you.

You’ll be able to determine which property is going to be right for you. You will be able to assess what you really need and if you have the ability to pay for it. For a real estate agent, you will be given enough information that you can share with your potential clients. You will have a deeper understanding of their wants and needs especially when it deals with real estate investments.